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Coronavirus Update

Read about our coronavirus preparedness plan

Here at Hocker Law, LLC, we know that your legal case and any problems it may be causing do not go away in light of heightened concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19). Deadlines still need to be met, court hearings and interviews need to be attended, and other necessary tasks need to be addressed.

Our law firm’s coronavirus preparedness plan ensures that you can continue to receive the quality of service you have come to count on from Hocker Law, LLC, even in light of this pandemic.

Here are the components of our plan:

  1. CDC-approved hygiene practices to prevent exposure and transmission:
  • Workstations, conference room tables, other surfaces, equipment, and door handles at the office are wiped daily with Clorox wipes.
  • Staff members are required to wash hands frequently, using soap, and following CDC-recommended handwashing protocols (20 seconds of washing).
  • Our coffee bar is re-stocked regularly with single-use disposable containers and is sanitized throughout the day.
  • Our conference room pens are sanitized or replenished daily, and we ask our clients to take the pen with them that they have used.
  • We have ample supplies of Clorox wipes, soap, and gloves to last a minimum of six months.
  • As soon as resources make them available to non-health care workers, we will have three-ply medical face masks available for client use in the office and at interviews and hearings.
  1. Technology that enables us to handle the entire case remotely:
  • For clients who would rather not come into the office, consultations and meetings are available via telephone or can be arranged through Skype.
  • Documents can be scanned and emailed. Documents requiring original signatures can be sent by mail or courier.
  • No in-person meetings are required to process your case, unless a court states otherwise.

If you have any questions regarding our coronavirus preparedness plan, please speak to any member of the Hocker Law, LLC team. Stay healthy, our dear clients and friends!

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