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Personal Injury Attorney Indianapolis

Proudly serving all of the Hoosier State. We handle accidents in Indiana and other acts of negligence. Talk to us today to know your rights.

Accidents in Indiana that result in injuries can have serious consequences. If you're injured or lose a loved one, the effects can be significant and even last a lifetime. We know that any act of negligence - from a car accident, a dog bite, a slip and fall to medical malpractice or an accident at work - can turn your world upside down.

We fight aggressively to recover compensation for clients who are dealing with permanent, disabling injuries, physical pain and the related medical expenses and other losses. Don't hesitate to contact us today at Hocker & Associates, LLC for a free and confidential consultation about your personal injury case.

Many highly skilled lawyers work at our law firm, including Brett E. Osborne, who has worked with auto accident victims for more than 22 years as an Indianapolis personal injury attorney. Our personal injury lawyers thoroughly understand Indiana's laws and want to work with you on your case. We are familiar with the tactics used by insurance companies to keep payments to a minimum or to deny claims. By thoroughly investigating the case and working with outside experts, we show the insurance companies the full impact of the injury. This often is enough to obtain a favorable settlement, but we are not afraid to file a personal injury lawsuit and take a case to trial if necessary.

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What types of personal injury cases does Hocker & Associates handle?

We can help you with a wide range of personal injury cases. Click on any of the following for more information about specific accidents and legal issues:

Personal injury law covers a range of accidents. The following are some of the types of cases we are prepared to handle. If you don't see your accident on this page, call us and tell us what happened. We may be able to help you:

  • Sports accidents
  • Boating Accidents
  • School accidents
  • Playground accidents
  • Airplane accidents
  • Train crashes
  • Defective product injuries

Common injuries in Indiana accidents

  • Back injuries - From back sprains to herniated discs and broken backs, injuries to the back and spine often are sustained in car and motorcycle accidents. But such injuries are also common in work accidents and premises liability claims.
  • Brain injuries - Injuries to the brain are among the most catastrophic of all injuries. Tragically, some people who strike their heads during an accident may not realize how seriously they are hurt. The symptom of a traumatic brain injury may begin as a headache, but worsen and could result in death if not treated immediately.
  • Broken bones - Arms, legs and bones in other parts of the body often get broken during serious accidents.
  • Burn injuries - First-degree, second-degree and third-degree burn injuries often are sustained during workplace accidents, such as an industrial explosion, but as with many injuries, they can be sustained in many types of accidents.
  • Concussion - This type of head injury is the result of a blow to the head. The impact is often temporary, but can be permanent, especially if an individual sustains several concussions in a short period.
  • Head injuries - Head injures cover a wide range, from mild concussions to permanent brain damage. Often, it's hard to predict the severity of a head injury without medical treatment. It's important to seek immediate medical attention if you suspect a head injury.
  • Neck injuries - Like head injuries, Injuries to the neck can cover a broad range. From mild neck sprains to a broken neck that results in paralysis or even death, neck injuries need to be taken seriously right from the start.
  • Spinal cord injuries - The location on the spine of the injury and severity of the injury can make a dramatic difference in one injury to another. In severe instances, a spinal cord injury can result in paralysis from the location of the injury and below.
  • Traumatic brain injuries - Among the most severe type of head injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can result in brain damage and permanently affect a person's ability to think and function normally.
  • Whiplash - A type of neck injury often caused by violent, rapid movement of the neck forward and back. Whiplash injuries might be dismissed by insurance companies as minor, but anyone who has sustained a whiplash injury knows how debilitating and painful it can be.

Why do I need an Indianapolis personal injury lawyer to handle my case?

When you have an experienced Indiana personal injury attorney working for you, you can dictate the terms of your case. Instead of being at the mercy of insurance companies focused on paying you as little as possible, you can demand the compensation you rightfully deserve.

If you are represented by Hocker & Associates, LLC, we will zealously investigate your accident. This starts with learning directly from you about the details of your accident. Then, we can offer you intelligent advice about the best way to address your legal concerns. You then decide what strategy you would like us to use to help you get your life back on track.

We can work with experts in accident reconstruction who can examine the scene and help determine if someone was speeding or engaged in some form of negligence. We often work with medical experts who can advocate on your behalf and support your injury claim.

Make sure you make the most of your case. Contact Indianapolis law firm Hocker & Associates, LLC and discover how we can help you. Call (317) 578-1630 and schedule a free consultation. Turn to us for your legal needs. We want to be your lawyer for life.