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Motorcycle Accident Attorney Indianapolis

Indiana lawyers representing clients in injured in accidents in Indianapolis, Lawrence, Carmel, Zionsville and throughout the state

Indianapolis motorcycle accident attorneys at Hocker Law, LLC understand the seriousness and complexity of crashes involving motorcycles. That's because our experienced Indiana motorcycle accident attorneys have successfully handled many motorcycle accidents in Indianapolis and other communities throughout the state.

Motorcycle accident injuries and fatalities in Indiana have increased at an alarming rate in recent years. According to the most recent data available, deaths in motorcycle accidents jumped 24.8 percent between 2011 and 2012 (from 117 to 146), according to the state of Indiana's 2012 Traffic Safety Facts, which cites data from the Indiana State Police. The report states injuries were up more than 15 percent in 2012, compared to the previous year.

Injuries and motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle riders are considered vulnerable on the road. In accidents with cars and trucks, motorcyclists often sustain catastrophic and sometimes fatal injuries. The following are just a few of the serious types of injuries:

  • Brain injury
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Severe skin damage (road rash)
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Leg and foot injuries
  • Biker's arm (nerve damage in the arm as a result of a fall)

Those injured in accidents may face significant medical bills, pain and suffering and emotional distress. A serious motorcycle accident may lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of losses, but the cost can climb over one million dollars. It's estimated that a fatal crash on average costs around $1.2 million.

Frustratingly, the myths about motorcyclists can make it difficult when a victim or family is trying to get justice: Riders are reckless, irresponsible and cause most accidents involving other vehicles. That's the stereotype that some Hoosiers have. Insurance companies may try to take a case to trial, hoping the jurors will have a prejudice against the motorcycle accident victim.

We know the truth. We know that most motorcyclists are safe, law-abiding citizens just like everyone else. And we know that other drivers often cause accidents involving motorcyclists. That's we work so hard on such cases. It's not just about the money. It's about setting the record straight and holding drivers accountable for their actions.

While we are skilled at negotiating favorable settlements, we are not afraid to take a case to trial if necessary.

What are common causes of motorcycle accidents in Indiana?

Our law firm includes many knowledgeable attorneys. Our Indiana motorcycle accident attorneys have gained a wealth of knowledge about motorcycle accidents through our work with clients.

As a result, we are familiar with many of the common causes of motorcycle accidents in Indiana. These causes include:

  • Aggressive drivers - Driving too close and failing to share the road with motorcyclists are just some examples of aggressive driving that result in accidents.
  • Drunk drivers - Drinking and driving remains a leading cause of accidents in Indiana, including motorcycle accidents.
  • Inattentive drivers - Whether it's texting while driving or failing to look in the side mirror when changing lanes, many drivers often crash into motorcyclists.
  • Reckless drivers - Drivers have a responsibility to share the road and respect motorcyclists' space. Otherwise, the risk of accidents skyrockets.
  • Speeding drivers - When drivers go too fast, they don't allow themselves enough time to slow their vehicles and avoid an accident with a motorcyclist.

Why do I need an Indianapolis motorcycle accident attorney?

Even if another driver clearly caused your motorcycle accident, the other driver and insurance companies might still try to blame you for causing your accident. Insurance companies often make low-ball offers soon after an accident and insist that's the money they can pay you.

When you have a lawyer on your side, working for you, you can dictate the terms of your accident settlement. That's because experienced lawyers know how to negotiate with insurance companies and get accident victims the money they rightfully deserve.

Give your motorcycle accident the attention it rightfully deserves. Contact Hocker Law, LLC. We want to help you make a fresh start and get your life back on track. Call (317) 578-1630 and schedule an appointment with us.

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