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Are Indiana's Drunk Driving Hotspots Ready For Anti-DUI Tech?

An Indiana Car Accident Lawyer Dives Into the Data The federal government has put a challenge in front of automakers — find a way to build drunk driving-prevention technology into all new vehicles as early as 2026. Congress is requiring car manufacturers to build new vehicles that come standard with anti-drunk driving monitoring systems. The...

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Hundreds Killed in Stopped-Vehicle Crashes Each Year

Most of the car accidents we hear about involve two or more vehicles that were in motion just before the collision. But every year, there are crashes involving stopped or disabled vehicles that leave people with fatal injuries. A new study has found lack of visibility was likely a factor in these accidents. The study...

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Divorced Parents at Odds Over Vaccines for Children

When couples with children divorce, it is not unusual for there to be several discussions and disagreements involving parenting issues. But in 2021, a new source of contention between divorced parents is being seen by lawyers – whether or not to let their children be vaccinated against COVID-19. In May, the Food and Drug Administration...

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Democrats Seek ‘Dreamers’ Protection in Reconciliation Bill

As Congress works on a budget reconciliation bill, 22 Democrats are calling on congressional leaders to include a pathway to citizenship – both for undocumented immigrants and citizens of other countries who grew up in the United States legally. Earlier this month, the lawmakers sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Majority...

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Do women face higher risk of injury in car crashes?

A study finds women suffer more serious injuries than men in car accidents. Why is that the case? To understand what's behind the trend, you need to consider the type of vehicle they choose. Research by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reveals that women are more likely to drive smaller, lighter vehicles than men....

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Child custody common questions and answers

In Indiana, child custody is based on the best interests of the child, and the court decides which parent is best fit to care for a child. Navigating a child custody case can be confusing for many people. That’s why our Indiana lawyers have provided answers to some of the most commonly asked questions pertaining...

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Spousal maintenance and alimony in Indiana explained

If you were recently divorced or plan on getting divorced, you may be obligated to pay a certain amount of money to your ex-spouse. In Indiana, this is referred to as "spousal maintenance." It's also known as alimony in many other states. The purpose of spousal maintenance is to allow your ex-spouse to maintain the...

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