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What you should know about rent-to-own agreements when purchasing a home

Not everyone can afford to buy a house, either due to limited income or a poor credit rating. Indiana residents dealing with financial constraints may have other options, however. A process dubbed rent-to-own may be the best option, according to The Street, a personal finance publication. Rent-to-own agreements only apply to tenants who have already rented...

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The best ideas to avoid financial troubles when getting a divorce

There are several legal complications associated with getting divorced and those involving personal finances can cause a great deal of stress between divorcing spouses. By planning ahead, however, you can avoid losing certain assets, including your retirement. USA Today offers several ways you can safeguard your assets in the event of a divorce. Post-divorce budget Knowing...

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An Indiana attorney on why you should have a trust

Make no mistake about it: trusts aren't only for the wealthy. Anyone can benefit from having a trust. Unfortunately, many people fail to see the benefit of estate planning until it's too late. For those who do recognize the benefits, last wills are often established in order to pass property and assets along to a...

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What to do when you inherit property

Whether a death in the family occurred or a loved one was admitted to a nursing home, inheriting real estate can be a boon -- or a bummer --if it's property you didn't want or weren't expecting to get. Typically, you have three options with inherited property: you can live in it, rent it, or...

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