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Co-Parenting Tips for Divorced Parents

When it comes to divorce, you and your ex-spouse will face many changes. It can be challenging, even more so when children are involved. However, effective co-parenting allows your children to have that sense of stability and the privilege of being close with their parents. It can be difficult and take a lot of work,...

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What’s Driving Indiana’s Increase in Fatal Car Accidents?

Officials say speeding and lack of seat belt use are causing more roadway deaths Car accident fatalities in Indiana have increased dramatically in recent years, according to WISH-TV 8 News in Indianapolis. Looking at the number of fatal car accidents in Indiana during the first nine months of last year, traffic fatalities appear to be still...

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Indiana's Hands-Free Law: What You Need to Know

An Indianapolis car accident lawyer reminds drivers to avoid distraction Texting and driving or using other electronic devices when you're behind the wheel of a car puts everyone else on the road at risk of getting injured in a car accident. That's why in July 2020, the state of Indiana enacted its hands-free law. This...

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Indianapolis Is Among Top 5 Hottest Housing Markets in US

Indianapolis Real Estate Attorneys Discuss Indy's Surging Housing Market Analysts are predicting a "whirlwind" year of activity for Indianapolis real estate. The Indianapolis-Carmel-Anderson region is expected to be one of the top 5 housing markets in the United States in 2022. This means that buying, selling, home prices, and rent are all going up, or...

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Winter Driving Tips To Avoid A Weather-Related Car Accident

Indianapolis car accident lawyers explain how to stay safe on the road Car accidents can happen fast during hazardous winter conditions. Whether it’s snow or ice, sleet or freezing rain, drivers need to be alert at all times and take steps to avoid an accident during the winter. Unfortunately, even the safest drivers sometimes get...

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Study Reveals Early Divorce for Couples Who Meet Online

An Indianapolis Divorce Lawyer Discusses Couples who meet online have a significantly higher chance of divorce within the first three years of marriage compared to those who don't, according to a new study. Researchers note that as more and more people are finding love online, the divorce rate will likely increase. Right now, more than...

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Are Indiana's Drunk Driving Hotspots Ready For Anti-DUI Tech?

An Indiana Car Accident Lawyer Dives Into the Data The federal government has put a challenge in front of automakers — find a way to build drunk driving-prevention technology into all new vehicles as early as 2026. Congress is requiring car manufacturers to build new vehicles that come standard with anti-drunk driving monitoring systems. The...

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Hundreds Killed in Stopped-Vehicle Crashes Each Year

Most of the car accidents we hear about involve two or more vehicles that were in motion just before the collision. But every year, there are crashes involving stopped or disabled vehicles that leave people with fatal injuries. A new study has found lack of visibility was likely a factor in these accidents. The study...

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Divorced Parents at Odds Over Vaccines for Children

When couples with children divorce, it is not unusual for there to be several discussions and disagreements involving parenting issues. But in 2021, a new source of contention between divorced parents is being seen by lawyers – whether or not to let their children be vaccinated against COVID-19. In May, the Food and Drug Administration...

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