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Indianapolis Drivers Should be Aware Crash Rates are Rising

When car crash rates are higher, drivers are at greater risk of becoming involved in a collisions. Motorists who are involved in car accidents could face profound, life-changing consequences. Drivers need to be aware of the dangers of collisions, as well as of how best to prevent accidents from happening. Rising Crash Rates Should Concern...

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Where are Head-On Crashes Most Likely to Occur in Indianapolis?

In 2012, 20,972 head-on crashes occurred within the state of Indiana according to Traffic Crash Facts. Of these accidents, 166 caused fatalities and 555 caused incapacitating injuries. Another 3,422 caused non-incapacitating injuries. Head-on crashes had a rate of 34.4 serious injuries per 1,000 collisions. This was a significantly higher rate of serious injuries compared with...

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Non-Resident of United States and the Formation of an LLC

Forming an LLC correctly is the first step to a successful business. I represent small business owners from different countries - people from Israel, Mexico and Canada who are property investors looking to purchase, sell and lease homes in Indiana. Often, these clients need to create a business entity. A properly formed LLC can protect...

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How to Handle an Indiana Hit-and-Run Accident

In Indiana, there are thousands of hit-and-run collisions every year. There were 25,121 hit-and-runs in 2008 and 23,349 of these crash types in 2009.  In 2010, 23,163 drivers left crash scenes and in 2011 there were 22,633 who left the scene. The most recent data from the Indiana State Police indicated there were 23,050 hit-and-runs in...

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