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What Does A Real Estate Attorney Do?

Buying or selling a property in Indiana can be a very complicated and expensive process, whether it's a commercial real estate transaction or one involving a home, condominium, or residential property. This is why many people and businesses hire a real estate lawyer to help in such situations. But what does a real estate attorney...

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What Is a Quiet Title Action?

Indianapolis real estate title lawyer explains how the system works in Indiana If you are planning to buy or sell a property in Indiana, you may want to consider a quiet title action before completing the real estate transaction. So what is a quiet title? What are the benefits of this legal process? And how...

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Common Divorce Myths Debunked

Like many things, people aren't afraid to share their opinions on divorce. Unfortunately, they may make these opinions based on what they hear, read, or watch without the experience of going through a divorce of their own. If you're considering divorce, it's common to have many questions. It may be hard to separate what's true...

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Common Injuries From Being Rear-Ended

One of the most common accidents on Indiana roadways is when someone rear-ends another driver. Rear-end accidents are serious but are often downplayed by insurance companies as "fender benders" or "minor" crashes. However, there is no such thing as a "minor" car accident that results in injuries. Crash tests show that a collision at under...

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What You Need to Know About 'Gray Divorce'

Make sure your rights are protected during this transition. In Indiana and nationwide, "gray divorce" — that is, splitting up after age 50 — is on the rise. According to divorce experts, there are three main reasons for this trend: Many couples who had children later in life now have an "empty nest" for the...

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Co-Parenting Tips for Divorced Parents

When it comes to divorce, you and your ex-spouse will face many changes. It can be challenging, even more so when children are involved. However, effective co-parenting allows your children to have that sense of stability and the privilege of being close with their parents. It can be difficult and take a lot of work,...

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What’s Driving Indiana’s Increase in Fatal Car Accidents?

Officials say speeding and lack of seat belt use are causing more roadway deaths Car accident fatalities in Indiana have increased dramatically in recent years, according to WISH-TV 8 News in Indianapolis. Looking at the number of fatal car accidents in Indiana during the first nine months of last year, traffic fatalities appear to be still...

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Indiana's Hands-Free Law: What You Need to Know

An Indianapolis car accident lawyer reminds drivers to avoid distraction Texting and driving or using other electronic devices when you're behind the wheel of a car puts everyone else on the road at risk of getting injured in a car accident. That's why in July 2020, the state of Indiana enacted its hands-free law. This...

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Indianapolis Is Among Top 5 Hottest Housing Markets in US

Indianapolis Real Estate Attorneys Discuss Indy's Surging Housing Market Analysts are predicting a "whirlwind" year of activity for Indianapolis real estate. The Indianapolis-Carmel-Anderson region is expected to be one of the top 5 housing markets in the United States in 2022. This means that buying, selling, home prices, and rent are all going up, or...

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