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What to do when you inherit property

Whether a death in the family occurred or a loved one was admitted to a nursing home, inheriting real estate can be a boon -- or a bummer --if it's property you didn't want or weren't expecting to get. Typically, you have three options with inherited property: you can live in it, rent it, or...

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How CBD Confusion Can Lead to a Marijuana Arrest

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is an emerging product that has become widely available in many states. It has been used to treat a slew of conditions and illness including anxiety, depression, and heart disease. Last year, Indiana become one of those states. Residents of the Hoosier State can now purchase CBD products if they contain no...

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A New Indiana Bill May Provide Incarcerated Parents More Involvement in the Lives of Their Children

Incarceration of a parent can obviously be damaging to children, giving them a sense of abandonment and isolation. The impact can result in life-long anxiety, depression, and social difficulties. It's a monumental problem in our state. Indiana currently has the second highest rate of incarcerated parents in the nation, just behind Kentucky. Roughly 11 percent...

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How Serious Is Whiplash After A Rear-End Auto Accident?

It's unfortunate, but many injury victims fail to take whiplash seriously after a rear-end auto accident. If an injury doesn't seem severe enough to seek medical attention, they may simply try to walk it off, assuming the pain will simply go away in time. However, it is important that accident victims understand how serious this...

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How Social Media Can Affect Your Criminal Case

Our lives are being increasingly altered by the rise of social media. Our modern society uses social media to communicate, share important thoughts or concerns, and follow celebrities and organizations.   It has both streamlined and changed our access to one another, hiding some parts of our personalities behind a digital persona and taking formerly private...

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