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Federal Drug Offenders in Indiana to Face Tougher Prosecution

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has instructed federal prosecutors to charge and pursue "the most serious, readily provable offense," signaling a dramatic about-face from the Obama administration policy pertaining to low-level drug offenders. Sessions' predecessor Eric Holder had previously directed prosecutors to avoid filing charges with minimum mandatory sentences against those accused of non-violent drug offenses in...

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Changes to The Landlord Registry System

Real Estate lawyers explain how the Indianapolis City-County Council takes action In order to be legally considered a landlord in the state of Indiana, a property owner must register his or her information with the city. In a 19-3 vote, the Indianapolis City-County Council recently approved a change to that registry system, modifying the definition...

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Thousands of Indiana Drunk Driving Trips Curbed by Ignition Interlock Devices

A new report by anti-drunk driving advocacy group Mothers Against Drunk Driving asserts thousands of trips by impaired drivers were circumvented by Indiana ignition interlock devices. Specifically, from 2006 to 2016, the group reports nearly 7,100 drunk driving trips were thwarted. Indiana's ignition interlock law went into effect in 2015. Just in the last year alone, from...

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Is An Apartment Complex Liable for Negligent Security?

Recently, four families filed a lawsuit against an apartment management company and the security firm hired by the management company. The lawsuits allege negligent security in the death of their family members. The fatalities occurred at an apartment called Eureka Gardens in Florida. There were multiple separate shootings on different days at the apartment complex....

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How to Keep Infants and Toddlers Safe from Car Accidents

All parents want to keep their children safe from becoming hurt in a motor vehicle accident. Unfortunately, many parents have misconceptions about how they can best protect their children from car accident injuries. For example, indicates that parents often purchase Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) in order to try to protect young kids. However, SUVs may...

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Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating for Parents Worried About Indianapolis Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are a serious risk on Halloween. WTHR has warned Indy parents in the past about the increased risks of pedestrian accidents, which put kids in significant danger as they go trick-or-treating. With more kids out, and with potentially intoxicated people coming home from Halloween parties, October 31 could be a night of tragedy...

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