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Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating for Parents Worried About Indianapolis Pedestrian Accidents

Indiana personal injury lawyerPedestrian accidents are a serious risk on Halloween. WTHR has warned Indy parents in the past about the increased risks of pedestrian accidents, which put kids in significant danger as they go trick-or-treating. With more kids out, and with potentially intoxicated people coming home from Halloween parties, October 31 could be a night of tragedy if drivers and parents aren't careful to do everything possible to avoid pedestrian collisions.

Some parents go with their kids to trick-or-treat and simply try to make the evening as safe as possible, but unfortunately they and their kids can still be badly hurt if drivers don't make safe choices. No matter how careful you are, an irresponsible driver could still cause a serious or deadly crash.

For some parents, the risk isn't worth it and they opt out of trick-or-treating. If you find yourself leaning towards this option as a parent, you don't have to make your kids give up Halloween fun just to keep them safe from Halloween pedestrian accidents. There are plenty of alternatives to consider so your kids can still be a part of the festivities.

Parents have many different ways they can create a fun and memorable Halloween for kids, which doesn't involve a pedestrian accident risk. Some options for Halloween that don't involve trick-or-treating include:

  • Visit a haunted house or other Halloween attraction: There are many different haunted houses, haunted hayrides, corn mazes, and other fun Halloween attractions in and around Indianapolis. Many of these attractions are open on Halloween night. You and your kids can enjoy these activities together instead of trick-or-treating.
  • Attend, or throw, a Halloween party. Going to a party with your kids, or organizing one yourself, can keep you and your children off the streets during high risk times. If you attend a party, be sure you stay sober to drive yourself and your kids home so you don't endanger yourself or become a menace to other trick-or-treaters. If you throw a party, avoid serving alcohol or make sure no one who drinks leaves your home intoxicated and gets behind the wheel.
  • Try out indoor trick-or-treating. Your kids do not even necessarily have to give up trick-or-treating just because you don't want them out on the roads where there is a risk of pedestrian accidents. There are plenty of places which offer indoor trick-or-treating for children. WTHR reports on both places and times for indoor events, which usually take place at malls and at community centers.

While these options may work for your family, some kids definitely don't want to give up trick-or-treating. If you decide to let your children go trick-or-treating, you should go over rules of road safety and stay with them. If careless drivers cause injury despite your best efforts at staying safe, you also need to know your rights, as those drivers can be held legally liable for any resulting damages.

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