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Tips for co-parenting during COVID-19

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This is an unprecedented situation for those with parenting time and custody orders. Stay at home orders, e-learning and temporary business closures are affecting many parents and children. Here are some tips for co-parenting:

  • Consistency is key! Try to keep your regular parenting time schedule, including summer schedule. If possible, utilize the other parent for daytime care or additional parenting time. You likely are physically present with your child(ren) much more than “normal” and extra breaks from each other might help everyone!
  • Communicate frequently. Keep all parties up to date regarding changing schedules, business closures and travel plans.
  • Oversee e-learning. Communicate with each other regarding e-learning and ensure the child(ren) have all necessary materials during exchanges.
  • Practice healthy habits. Notify all parties if you or someone close to you is exhibiting illness or symptoms of any kind and update the other party with test results or treatment. Encourage social distancing from anyone outside your family and remind your child(ren) to wash their hands. If your child is old enough, consider his/her own pocket-sized hand sanitizer to carry around.
  • Be patient. Things are changing and new issues arise each day. Address them right away and try to work them out with your co-parent as soon as possible. Delaying these difficult conversations will just make things harder for everyone in the long run.
  • Stay positive. Even if they are enjoying time away from school or having you home all day, your child(ren) are also worried about this situation. They see and hear the news but lack the logic and reasoning to fully understand what is happening. The more calm, positive energy you project – toward your family, co-parent and everyone else – the more secure your child(ren) will feel.
  • Be proactive. If there are issues you cannot resolve or questions about what you should or should not do under the current circumstances, contact an attorney to address your specific questions or concerns.

These tips will not work for every situation and are meant as general guidance. This information should not be interpreted as legal advice. To consult with our office about your specific situation, please email us by clicking HERE.

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