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Coronavirus & estate planning: Do not bury your head in the sand

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The phrase “do not bury your head in the sand” refers to an ostrich hiding its head in the ground when a predator approaches mistakenly believing such “hiding” will keep the ostrich safe. Think about a child who believes you actually disappear when she covers her face while playing peakaboo.

As adults, we know our problems do not vanish when we close our eyes, cover our face, or bury our head in the sand. For the sake of your family and loved ones, please consider the following legal issues during this uncertain time.

Now is a good time to review your estate plan

There has never been a more important time to review your estate planning designations including your: beneficiaries, powers of attorney, last will and testament, living will, and trust. Take time to consider:

  • Reviewing your beneficiaries. Are your designations up to date? Are the values still divided as you desire? Have you named a contingent beneficiary?
  • Reviewing your powers of attorney. Have you experienced changes in your life requiring a modification of who will act as your power of attorney? Are those you have named still able and willing to so act?
  • Reviewing your living will. Does your living will reflect your current preferences about life-sustaining nutrition and hydration?
  • Reviewing your last Will & testament. Are your wishes still reflected in these documents? Have you experienced changes to your economic, marital, or family status that should be addressed?
  • Reviewing your trust. Does your estate plan include a trust that needs to be updated or modified?
  • Do you have children eighteen (18) years or older who do not have estate planning documents? They must name individuals to act as powers of attorney to assist with medical or financial decisions should something happen to them. If you are not designated your minor child’s healthcare power of attorney, a doctor could trump your medical decision and do what s/he believes is in the best interest of your child, which may be against your wishes. I have encountered some scary situations involving this scenario. Please take steps to save your family from such a situation!

Contact an estate planning attorney with help reviewing your plan

Hocker & Associates, LLC, has implemented a process allowing you to complete your estate planning needs from the comfort of your own home. We are offering estate planning discounts during this uncertain time to help ensure our clients have an opportunity to order their affairs. If you have Hyatt Legal Plans or MetLaw, your estate planning could be free.

Contact Maria Turner for more information and to schedule your free consultation [email protected].

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