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How Can a Indianapolis Real Estate Lawyer Help You?

After countless showings and open houses, you've done it. You've found your new home. You just know it is the one for you and are already planning the paint colors to make it your own space. It's time for you to go through the actual process to make the home yours. Buying a house is one of the most important purchases of your life.

However, if you thought finding the right house was difficult, navigating the details of the actual purchase can be even trickier.

mansion-1221043Anyone purchasing a home in Indianapolis should consult with an experienced real estate lawyer. When you buy a house, you are entering a binding contract called a purchase agreement with complicated negotiated terms. If you do not understand this contract, you are putting yourself at risk.

You can work with your real estate agent, loan officer, and home inspector, but only your attorney has no conflict of interest and can advise you of the ramifications of each legal detail. Your attorney can review your legal documents such as the purchase agreement and deed. Your attorney can advise you about tax laws and help you navigate any disputes that you may have with the seller of the home.

The sooner that you hire an attorney, the better. If you sign a contract before consulting an attorney, you are putting yourself at risk and limit what your attorney can do to help you.

Only a law firm that is familiar with the purchase of property can advise you and represent your interests as you take one of the biggest and most important steps of your life.

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