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5 Tips for Avoiding Indianapolis DUIs during Thanksgiving Weekend

Indiana personal injury lawyerAre you going to be partying over Thanksgiving weekend? You are not alone. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving to the Sunday after Thanksgiving are considered some of the most dangerous days on the road, according to Edmunds. Thanksgiving is dangerous for two primary reasons: more people on the road due to more motorist's traveling and more impaired driving.

Police are aware of all the partying that goes on around Thanksgiving, and law enforcement officers are often out in full force to try to catch people who are impaired. This means if you drive drunk, you face the very real potential chance for an impaired driving arrest. You don't have to put yourself at risk of this happening. Follow some tips for avoiding Indianapolis DUIs during Thanksgiving.

To avoid DUIs in Indianapolis over Thanksgiving, you can:

  • Party at your house. Instead of going out to bars or clubs and having to drive home, consider having your own holiday gathering. If you go this route, be careful no one leaves your home drunk! Indiana has social host laws under Indiana Code section 7.1-5-7-8. These laws make property owners and renters legally responsible under some circumstances for consequences of serving alcohol at their homes.
  • Go out partying only with a designated driver: If you are going to go out with friends, make certain that you have selected a designated driver before the drinking begins. You want the designated driver to be someone who is not going to drink at all! If your DD drinks, it is time for a backup plan.
  • Use a DUI prevention service. There are companies like BeMyDD which operate services wherein they will actually come get you and your car and take you home. This particular service costs money... but is ultimately a lot cheaper than a drunk driving arrest! Sometimes, there are free rides home offered by various safety organizations on the actual holiday nights.
  • Hire another ride: You can hire a taxi or a car sharing service to take you home from a night out. In fact, you should have the ability to contact a cab or ride sharing company even if you have a designated driver as you never know when it will turn out that you need a plan B.
  • Limit or skip drinking. If you are going to have to drive, it is best not to consume any alcohol. Drinking even small amounts can affect your judgement and can render you impaired. However, if you must drink, you should keep the consumption as minimal as possible and look for drinks with a lower blood-alcohol content.

Unfortunately, even with the best of intentions, sometimes things happen and you find yourself facing charges for driving while under the influence. If this occurs, you can and should raise defenses to try to avoid loss of your license, a criminal record, higher car insurance costs, and other consequences. A defense attorney can assist in identifying your best options.

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