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Real Estate Title Issues

Experienced Indianapolis real estate lawyer familiar with Indiana title issues

For more than 20 years, the attorneys of Hocker Law, LLC have handled real estate title issues for people in Indianapolis and throughout the state of Indiana. Hoosiers put their trust in us because they know we understand the law and consistently deliver results.

Our law firm's founder, Indiana real estate lawyer Janet Davis Hocker, has extensive experience dealing with title issues. Don't underestimate the complexity of your real estate title issues. Resolving them in a timely manner is also often critical. Contact our law firm as soon as possible to discuss the details of your real estate title case.

What type of real estate title cases does Hocker Law, LLC handle?

There are many different kinds of title issues that often need to be addressed before a sale can be finalized. Some of the most common real estate title issues we deal with include:

  • Liens - You want your title to be free and clear of liens. Our lawyers are committed to making that happen. We can address all types of liens, including those that predated your ownership of the property, as well as place a lien on another owner's property, and lien defense.
  • Quiet Title Actions - If you have an interest in a piece of real estate that you believe is yours, but you do not have clear title to it, a quiet title action may be necessary. Our lawyers have the experience to seek the court's intervention to quiet the title. We can work to identify even the most complex title issues, and have been successful in quieting the title on many occasions.
  • Title Insurance - Obtaining a title insurance policy is one step that can be taken to protect against liens. Through Hocker Title LLC, we are able to provide title insurance.
  • Title Search Review - This involves retrieving documents that provide a history of the property. We can determine if the seller has a saleable interest in the property. We also will determine if there are any restrictions or allowances pertaining to the land. And will determine if there are liens existing on the property that need to be paid off at closing.

Why do I need an attorney to resolve real estate title issues?

Even if your real estate title issues seem straightforward, the reality is most title issues should be dealt with by a qualified lawyer who understands the legal system in Indiana and can work with you to resolve your title issues as quickly as possible.

How can Indiana real estate title lawyer Janet Davis Hocker help me?

Helping people realize their goals drives everything attorney Hocker does at the firm she founded in 1993. She works hard every single day because she knows her clients do too. That's the way we do business in Indiana.

When you turn to us for help, we will be there for you when you need us. Some title issues take longer than others to resolve. But no matter how long the process takes, we will always keep you informed about the status of your case.

Put your trust in a law firm that puts your real estate title issues first. Contact Hocker Law, LLC. Call (317) 578-1630 and schedule a free appointment with us.

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