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Domestic Partnership Attorney Indianapolis

Representing individuals in Indiana facing a range of family law needs, including issues related to same-sex marriage

Unfortunately, the same set of rules does not always apply to everyone. When a married couple gets divorced in Indiana, marital assets and debts are distributed equitably. Family law does not provide the same provision for unmarried couples who separate ways. Property disputes can quickly spiral out of control when couples in a domestic partnership have no guideline to follow.

At Hocker Law, LLC, in Indianapolis, we are committed to helping same-sex couples and unmarried couples plan ahead through establishing domestic partnership agreements. People tend to think more rationally when their emotions are not on the line. We have extensive experience helping LGBT couples and unmarried couples identify how their joint assets and debts can be divided if they were to separate. Contact our Indianapolis domestic partnership lawyers to learn how planning ahead can safeguard your financial and emotional interests.

Family law attorney Rachel A. East is well-versed in the evolving laws related to domestic partnerships and same-sex marriage. Hocker Law, LLC will strive to make sure your rights are protected.

Representing LGBT couples and unmarried couples

Same-sex marriage in Indiana became legal in October 2014. Even so, some couples (both straight and gay) choose to enter into a domestic partnership agreement. Such agreements are designed to act like an insurance policy for unmarried couples living together. Similar to a prenuptial agreement, a domestic partnership agreement can act as a guideline to avoid unnecessary conflict in the event unmarried couples break up. A domestic partnership agreement serves as a legal contract identifying how shared assets and debts should be handled. A domestic partnership agreement can also identify custody arrangements if unmarried couples have children.

Our Indianapolis domestic partnership lawyers have extensive family law experience. We have seen property division and custody concerns become bitter disputes when couples do not address complicated issues before their emotions are on the line. Family law attorney Rachel A. East is committed to helping clients take the right steps to avoid lengthy property division and custody battles. We offer a hands-on approach to help unmarried couples anticipate the type of issues that should be addressed to avoid conflict such as:

  • Division of real estate investments
  • Division of household items, cars, jewelry, antiques or pets
  • Division of savings and retirement benefits
  • Child custody and child support
  • Paternity concerns

You may never plan to go separate ways, but we want to help you plan ahead so you are not left in a vulnerable position if the unexpected were to happen. A domestic partnership agreement can help you avoid conflict knowing you are on the same page over how your assets and debts will be handled. This can also be a valuable way to work together to determine what would be in your children's best interests if your relationship were to end.

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