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Shelter-in-Place Impact on Indiana Families

Indiana is currently under a statewide “shelter-in-place" order issued by Governor Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb in response to the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Indiana residents are urged to stay home unless travel is essential.

The governor’s order may have some Indiana parents concerned about how they will see or care for their children. Paragraphs 16(b) and (e) of the order define transporting and caring for children and dependents as “essential travel.”

That means existing court orders will remain in place under Executive Order 20-08.

Child custody and parenting time

Child custody and parenting time will not be impacted by the shelter-in-place order or school closures. That means your visitation rights are still active.

If any temporary modifications need to be made to existing court orders regarding child custody for reasons related to COVID-19, you may file a petition with the court. That’s unless you and the other parent can reach an agreement on your own.

Child support

All court orders relating to child support will remain in place under the shelter-in-place order. Several county child support offices will be closed during COVID-19, except for those listed by the Indiana Department of Child Services, Child Support Bureau.

All payments must otherwise be made online, over the phone, or by mail. An emergency petition may be filed with the court if you’re unable to make a payment for reasons relating to COVID-19.

Our law firm will be available to help clients during COVID-19

The family lawyers at Hocker Law, LLC will be fully operational during COVID-19. We will be offering free 15-minute phone consultations to new and existing clients during this time.

Our law office is currently following all CDC guidelines by maintaining a clean office, washing hands regularly, ensuring that our office is fully replenished, and providing face masks, gloves, hand soap, and Clorox wipes.

During this time, we will conduct all consultations via telephone or Skype, prepare documents, and get signatures electronically.

If you have any questions or need legal help, contact us online or call online or call us at 877-626-7725.