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At the law firm of Hocker & Associates, LLC, our legal team supports our clients through all stages of life. Throughout your life, you will encounter situations in which you might need a lawyer. You may be buying or selling a house, preparing your will, getting married, getting a divorce, starting a business, or even filing for bankruptcy. We are here to help you through all these life events.

Our practice areas include the majority of legal issues that most people have to deal with during their lifetime. These include real estate, family law, estate planning, probate and business law. Also, if you are contemplating bankruptcy, then our Indianapolis bankruptcy attorneys are ready to help you obtain a fresh financial start.

Not Just Any Lawyer, Experienced Lawyers

The attorneys at our Indianapolis law firm have spent more than 20 years meeting the needs of people in Indianapolis and throughout the state of Indiana.

Our experience means that we know how to handle even the most complex matters, from bankruptcy to business law. It also means that we know the importance of working with the people we represent, not just for them.

When you come to us for help, we will not proceed with one-size-fits-all representation. Instead, our attorneys will work directly with you to determine your needs. We will educate you about your case and the options you have available. Together, we will come to a decision about the path that your case should follow.

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